How To Cut A Woodruff Key Slot?

How To Cut A Woodruff Key Slot

What is the difference between a woodruff key and a keyway?

Keyways – Cutting Woodruff Key Slots and Broaching

The woodruff keyseat is the half moon slot cut into the shaft. The woodruff key ‘s curved section is pressed into the keyseat. In contrast, the keyway is the slot cut into the mating part to accommodate the woodruff key ‘s flat side.

How do you put a woodruff key in a half moon Keyseat?

When installing a woodruff key into a half moon keyseat, first press it into the semi‑circular groove which is milled into the shaft by a woodruff key cutter. Next, align the top, flat portion of the woodruff key so that it is parallel with the host shaft.

What happens if the Woodruff key falls out?

The woodruff key will still extend above the mating shaft’s surface and into the woodruff keyway to lock the mating hub or gear in place. If the key still falls or slips out during component installation, the key is likely too small for the keyway.

What are full radius Woodruff keys?

Full radius woodruff keys are a full half circle and make full contact with the shaft keyway. Full radius woodruff keys require precision of the seat groove as contact can occur between the woodruff key and the bottom of the seat causing interference and the key to protrude from the groove higher than desired.