How To Open A Stuck Sim Card Slot?

How To Open A Stuck Sim Card Slot
What Do You Do If Your SIM Card Slot Is Stuck? – 1. Use a needle or paper clip to gently work your way around the SIM card slot. You may be able to loosen it by poking at it from all directions, and once you’re sure that the sim card is not going anywhere, use one of these tools to pull out the pin holding in place.

  1. If there’s no pin to pull out, you may need to use a pair of needle nosed pliers or tweezers.
  2. 2. Place the SIM card in between your fingers as shown below and then slowly pry up on one end while pushing down on the other so that it pops loose from its socket:
  3. If all else fails, place your sim disk on a flat surface and use your palm to gently press down on one end so that it pops out of the socket.

3. Finally, you can also try using an anti-static cloth or tissue paper at this point as they are sometimes able to grab onto the SIM card with enough traction in order for you to pull it out. DO NOT USE SPONGES OR OTHER MATERIALS AS THEY MAY LEAVE DUST ON THE SIM CARD, WHICH CAN THEN BE INSTALLED INTO A PHONE.

How to remove stuck SIM card?

Seek help from offline mobile repair – If neither of the solutions above works, you may need to seek help from offline mobile repair to remove the jammed SIM card in iPhone. It’s the safest but costly way to help you out of the trouble. It is suggested to go to a nearby Apple service center to get the desired solutions.

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How to remove a stuck SIM card from iPhone?

You can find the SIM card slot on the opposite side of the volume and mute buttons. Just turn off your iPhone and point its long end towards the ejection hole of the iPhone using an ejection pin or something like that to open it, then the stuck SIM card should be removed from your iPhone.

Why wont my sim card come out?

  • Restart the phone (soft reset or force restart). If your phone was able to read the SIM card and then suddenly it failed,there’s a higher chance that a system
  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off.
  • Remove then reinsert SIM card.
  • Restore factory defaults (Factory reset or Master reset).