How To Pick The Best Slot Machine?

How To Pick The Best Slot Machine
1. Pick Slots With The Highest Return To Player (RTP) Percentage – If you’re looking for slot machines that are most likely to hit, a good starting point would be finding ones that have the highest percentage of RTP. This is because the higher the RTP percentage, the more likely the slot machine is to pay out.

RTP, or payout percentage, is calculated by the amount an individual machine has paid out over its lifespan in relation to how much money has been paid in. So, as an example, if a game has an RTP of 94% then the theory is that if you put $100 into the slot machine then you could expect an estimated return in winnings of $94 (over a long period of time).

Obviously, that’s a rough guide and is not the case for every player.

What is the most popular slot?

Most Popular Slots of 2021: The World

1. Starburst (Netent) 22.84%
2. Gonzo’s Quest (Netent) 13.58%
3. Immortal Romance (Microgaming) 11.66%
4. Dead or Alive (Netent) 10.40%