What Is A Linear Slot Diffuser?

What Is A Linear Slot Diffuser
Key Features –

1 to 8 Slots20mm or 25mm Slot widthsCeiling or Sidewall ApplicationsModular or Continuous LengthsCurved SectionsCorner PiecesAdjustable Discharge PatternSecret FixingMatching Plenum Boxes

Linear slot diffusers are designed to combine a high air change rate capacity with maximum flexibility in air pattern and volume control and is suitable for either ceiling or sidewall applications. They offer an unobtrusive and attractive appearance together with functional efficiency.

Are linear slot diffusers better?

HVAC Training – Linear Slots Diffuser Selection Design

Linear Diffusers – Why Are They So Popular? What Is A Linear Slot Diffuser As you begin the process of designing and constructing your next residential or commercial building, you may be considering using a linear diffuser. We are at the start of a new decade and linear diffusers are becoming more and more popular. The reasons for this is simple:

Linear diffusers offer a minimal and clean look. They take up less space and can be used on ceilings or walls. Linear diffusers can be used as an “air curtain” next to doors, large windows and entrances. They can also be easily hidden.

Although there are many benefiting factors to linear diffusers, there are also disadvantages that we should be aware of. The most common feedback heard from consumers is, feeling uncomfortable because of the air velocity when seated or standing directly under a diffuser.

  • InviAir made it their mission to create a product that would provide solutions to these common issues.
  • When we design any of our diffusers we strongly take into account the ceiling height, air volume and the interior design.
  • This way, we are able to provide a more comfortable atmosphere for our clients.
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More Common Issues with Linear Diffusers:

Most of the linear diffusers in the market are designed with metal directional blades which make a popping/whistling sound. The material most commonly used is aluminum or steel which causes a serious condensational problem. In some cases the incorrect size, shape and location of the diffuser is chosen, and this affects the indoor quality of the air and comfort of occupants.

In the construction industry, majority of the air diffusers created are made to a set of design and performance standards, where there is little to no room for customization. In certain projects, the need to customize is necessary, but when there is no option for that, issues start to arise.

  • InviAir’s founders saw these ongoing issues and wanted to make a difference.
  • They decided to work closely with their clients by looking over plans and creating specific customizable solutions that attends to the project’s needs.
  • Above all, they make sure to keep the integrity of aesthetics and performance at the forefront of each project.

Lastly, condensation and noise levels are major ongoing issues that many run in to. The reason for this is because most popular air diffusers are made from metal (commonly aluminum or steel). This causes a problem because metal responds very quickly to temperature changes.

  1. Warm air has the ability to contain more moisture than cold air.
  2. It loses that ability when it comes into contact with a cold surface and as a result it creates water droplets.
  3. That’s condensation.
  4. But that’s not all; you will also be affected by potential corrosion, water damage and mold.
  5. These are all issues that can be avoided if the right air diffuser is chosen.
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See more on In addition to condensation, noise is a huge complaint of many tenants that occupy buildings with aluminum diffusers. The aluminum vibrates as air passes through the diffuser, leading to extremely noisy HVAC systems. There is no easy way to fix this issue without completely replacing all of the air diffusers in your building.

What does a linear diffuser do?

air-conditioning distribution –

What Is A Linear Slot Diffuser In air-conditioning The linear diffuser brings air through a plenum box or duct with a rectangular opening; louvers divert the down-flowing air. Other units are circular, and their fins radiate the air. Some ceilings are perforated to allow passage of cool air, and other ceilings are simply cooled