How To Use Micro Sim In Nano Slot?

How To Use Micro Sim In Nano Slot
Interchangeability – A nano sim card can be used in a Micro Sim slot if it is cut down to size, but a micro sim cannot be used in a Nano Sim slot as it is too big to fit into the smaller Nano Sim slot. A micro sim card should always be cut down before being inserted into the Nano Sim card slot of your device.

Can you put a micro SIM into a nano SIM slot?

– No, do NOT do so. The micro SIM is thicker than the nano SIM, If you insert a modified SIM, it may get stuck in the SIM slot. You can get a nano SIM from your mobile operator or the retail store where you bought the phone. Was this information helpful? Thank you! Your feedback helps others to see the most helpful information.

Can I cut mini SIM to Nano SIM?

Even though cutting the SIM card already began with the introduction of iPhone 4 and the MicroSIM, this was not really a problem. There is plenty of plastic around the chip so this operation is quite harmless. However, when Apple introduced the iPhone 5, it was the first device to ever use NanoSIM.

  1. Also, all of Apple’s later models like iPhone 5S, 5C, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and all generations of iPad Air and iPad Mini use a NanoSIM.
  2. Many other manufacturers took on it a bit later: HTC ( One M8 or M9 or Mini2 ), Nokia-Microsoft ( Lumia 735, 830, 930, 1520 ), Sony ( Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and Z3 Tab compact) and most recently Samsung (Galaxy A3, A5, A7, Alpha and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge ).

For various reasons people decided it’s a good idea to cut down the MicroSIM they had with their older device to a NanoSIM size. It could be that there were no NanoSIMs in the telecom provider shops or they were charged at a high cost, or the corner shop on the street was doing it for close to nothing, or they have seen a “cool video” showing how “easy” it is to do this yourself.

Some people still think it’s a good idea and I will now explain to you why it’s really NOT! First of all, if you have any of the iPhone or iPad models I listed above and you cause any damage to the SIM tray or the device by using a “modified” (read cut) SIM card, your hardware guarantee will NOT cover that.

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I am not certain about the other device manufacturers. So, you’re risking a device worth close to 700 Eur, while a new NanoSIM costs 5Eur, at least in the T-Mobile webshop, Moreover, even Apple claims that there can be certain network related problems when using a device with a cut SIM, due to the fact that it may not sit in the SIM tray correctly.

Frequent coverage loss. Reduced coverage (signal strength). No 4G while they were in an area covered with 4G. After the SIM swap, 4G magically appeared:) Call drops. Slow internet due to instable connection. Battery drain due to frequent network searches.

You may be thinking by now, how can just cutting the SIM card be the cause all these bad consequences and how would I damage my device by just cutting the SIM card? Well, first take a look at how small the NanoSIM is: When you cut down to NanoSIM size there’s a risk of damaging the SIM contacts because not only does the plastic need to be taken out, but you also need to cut into the copper surface itself. Unless you’re a surgeon, scissors probably won’t do. Even if you use one of those “certified” cutters, you can still damage the SIM contacts.

  1. On top of this, the NanoSIM is also by 0.08mm thinner than the MicroSIM, so you may have to use sandpaper to make it fit the SIM tray of the device.
  2. The whole problem is that if you slightly damage the SIM contacts or the SIM card does not lay in the SIM tray correctly, the SIM may still appear to be working.

This is when you may experience the problems I described earlier like coverage loss, battery drain, slow internet and dropped calls. But, if the SIM card is not properly cut and you try to force it into your phone, you will also have to teach yourself how to replace the SIM card reader of your phone, because Apple (and I suspect the other phone manufacturers) will not cover the damages caused by using a modified SIM.

I understand that cutting a SIM card might not be an event you remember, especially if someone else did it for you. Here’s a simple trick on how to recognize whether the SIM card in your phone has been cut: a SIM card cut down to NANOSIM will not have any plastic around the copper (like the smallest SIM on the picture where there are three SIMs in someone’s hand), while a proper NanoSIM card has at least some plastic around the copper surface (like the picture with the SIM measurements).

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In summary, the risks involved with cutting a MicroSIM down to NanoSIM are quite high: if you damage your device, you may have to buy a new one (say 700 eur) or undergo serious repairs. Even if the SIM cutting appears to be successful, your experience using your beautiful smartphone may be tainted with occasional or frequent glitches, depending on how much the copper contacts of the SIM were damaged while cutting it.

  1. In my view, this is just not worth the trouble: you can get a new NanoSIM for 5 eur and get the maximum performance from your device on our great new network.
  2. The same applies if you are already using a cut SIM card (or suspect so) and experiencing some of the problems I described.
  3. One thing is certain: your experience will not be worse:).

Many thanks to my colleagues Patrick Rutten and Marten Zopfi for working with me on this article. For those who prefer to read in Dutch, here’s Patrick’s version of the blog

Is micro and nano SIM the same?

Currently available for your phone are the multi, nano, micro and standard sized SIMs and they all function in the same way. The small, removable chip that holds your contacts, your SIM connects your phone to your network so you can make calls, send texts and use the internet.

What is it?
Nano SIM A nano SIM is the smallest SIM card. You’ll find it in phones such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy S8.
Micro SIM A micro SIM is the second smallest size of SIM card. The iPhone 4s, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4, LG G5 SE all use this size.
Standard SIM A standard SIM is the largest SIM card. They are used in some older smartphones such as the iPhone 3GS, Samsung Galaxy Note, and also in basic phones like the Nokia 105 and the Nokia 150.
Multi SIM When you buy a SIM only deal from us, it will come in the form of a multi SIM. It consists of three parts which are a combination of the nano, micro and standard SIM cards. They are designed to fit any device and you simply pop out the size to fit yours.,

Can you put a smaller SIM card in a bigger slot?

An important warning about using a nano SIM in a micro or standard SIM slot – You can put a tiny SIM in a larger SIM slot by using an adapter. There are huge differences between adapters, however, and a shoddy one can cause all kinds of problems. A loose-fitting SIM can get stuck inside the phone, and your increasingly angry efforts to get it out again can do serious damage to the phone’s delicate innards.

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What do you do if your SIM card doesn’t fit?

There are three sizes in common use, Standard, Micro and Nano SIM. If you find your SIM no longer fits, take your device and SIM card to your Mobile Service Provider and they will assist you with a new SIM card of the correct size.

Can I change my old SIM to Nano SIM?

Changing to Micro SIM or Nano SIM – Newer smartphones typically use either a Micro SIM or Nano SIM. The best way to change the size of your SIM card depends on whether you’re inside or outside the minimum term of your contract. If you’re inside the minimum term of your contract (e.g. in the first 24 months), you can ask your mobile network to replace your SIM card for you.

Depending on your network, there might be a small charge for this but you’ll be able to keep your current mobile contract without any changes. If you’re outside the minimum term of your contract, the best thing to do is normally to switch to either a “Micro SIM Only” or “Nano SIM Only” deal. You’ll get a new SIM card with no upfront cost which will be of the right size to fit in your new smartphone.

You’ll also potentially save money compared to your current contract (a SIM-only deal could be about £20/month cheaper than your current mobile contract). The following table shows a sample of some SIM-only deals currently available:

Network Minutes Texts Data Monthly Cost
200 Unlimited 2GB £5.00
Unlimited Unlimited 6GB £5.95
Unlimited Unlimited 4GB £6.00
Unlimited Unlimited 1GB £6.00
Unlimited Unlimited 2GB £7.50
Unlimited Unlimited 6GB £12.00
Unlimited Unlimited 5GB £12.00

Customers with BT Broadband get a £5/month discount on BT Mobile tariffs (already shown in the table above). Through the rest of this section, we’ll discuss in more detail how you can replace your current SIM card on each UK mobile network:

Can I convert a standard SIM to Nano?

If you need it to fit your iPad Mini or iPhone 5 for example, you can convert your SIM or micro sim to a Nano SIM, and you’re good to go.

Can you convert micro SIM to normal?

How to convert a micro sim card to a regular sized sim Get a Micro Sim card (like the ones found in the iPhone 4) and a Micro Sim Adapter (easily purchased on eBay for $0.99) Insert the Micro Sim card into the Micro Sim card adapter. Voila, you now have a Sim card that can be used in most GSM based mobile devices!

1.0 Micro Sim card1.0 Micro Sim card adapter

: How to convert a micro sim card to a regular sized sim

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